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Electric bus power battery system

The product can be widely applied on medium and large sized vehicles with pure electric power or hybrid power, such as buses, city buses, commercial vehicles, commuting buses, shuttle buses and cleaning vehicles. Products with greatest competition edges may be researched and developed jointed according to the customer requirements and application scenarios to maximize values for the customers.

Safe and Reliable: In the design of battery cell, module and battery pack, considerations are made synchronously to electric, mechanical, functional and chemical safety of all levels; problems are fully detected and solved for “Zero Risks” of the products

International product safety and reliability team consisting of experts in multiple industries such as electricity, machinery, chemistry and material;

Strict product risk management procedures conforming to related procedures within the automobile industry such as ISO/TS 16949, ISO 26262;

Scientific analysis methods (FMEA, FTA, simulated analysis, etc.) to fully detect and solve hidden problems on safety and reliability;

Strict testing for safety and reliability requirements with all-round testing items, high test criteria, top-ranking testing equipment (a national testing center has been established, which is now under qualification formalities);

23 strict tests on battery pack such as fire and hammer; mature and developed electric and structural safety for relieved use.

Long Life: Battery pack service life design for over 8 years

Excellent battery cell gene: Life under room temperature of over 6,000 cycles; storage life for over 15 years; at least twice of current levels of similar products;

Solid mechanical structure design: All mechanical vibration and shock test are with reference to the installation position on the complete vehicle and requirements in GB/T 2423.43-2008; advanced mechanical reliability analogue simulation plus almost three days of accelerated fatigue test verification to ensure a service life of over 8 years;

BMS active equalization for automatic maintenance of the battery system, which guarantees the consistency of the battery system within the life cycle, extends the service life and greatly reduce manual maintenance;

Advanced service life testing technologies. Compared with other enterprise generally conducting constant current charging-discharging testing, CATL establishes testing plan simulating actual operations according to the mileage and service life of the customer; the overall mileage and service life available for the battery pack are calculated with service life curve model based on the testing data.

Custom Design: Customized development on battery pack is available to guarantee optimized overall layout of the complete vehicle.

To satisfy the demands of variant design for new energy vehicles based on traditional vehicles and reduce the limitation of space arrangement for parts of the complete vehicle to the greatest extent;

V-model product development mode: The product development starts from the customer requirements , based on system requirements, which is then gradually iterated to subsystems and parts. Design, verification and production are organized by levels and stages to guarantee integrity, reliability and safety of product development.

Excellent environmental suitability: IP 67 Protection, all-weather, superior performance in high and cold areas of -30℃

Wide battery cell use temperature ranging from -30℃ to 60℃; capacity at -20℃may be over 90% of normal temperature and capacity at -30℃ may be over 80% of normal temperature, about 10% higher than industrial average levels;

The battery pack is suitable for all-weather environments; the enclosure Protection Grade may be IP67; pressure balance and emergency discharge units are provided to satisfy requirements related to air transportation, changes in elevation and temperature, emergent safety accidents, etc.;

The enclosure and major external structural parts are all treated by KTL electrophoresis; the products pass 720h Salt Spray Test under SGS standards to ensure that the corrosion prevention capacity can satisfy the service life requirements of over 8 years;

For operations in high and cold areas at -30℃, the heat preservation effect of the box can make natural temperature drop by 1℃every 90 min to guarantee excellent charging and discharging performance in high and cold areas;

Low failure rate and easy maintenance for battery system to maximize product benefits.

Industrial leading fast charging solution: 43%SOC fast charging in just 6 minutes

Energy-based lithium iron phosphate battery of 86Ah/120Ah; 31%SOC fast charging in just 8 minutes;

70Ah high power LFP battery cell; 43%SOC fast charging in just 6 minutes;

Maximum current of 250A (single charging gun), 500A (double charging guns) and 600A (bow pantograph) for the charging pile; dual/multiple parallel branches to increase the charging current;

Advanced system integration technique: Pack level with energy density as high as 100wh/kg, which is far higher than industrial level

Multilevel light design, advanced system integration technique, module and pack energy density greater than industrial average levels; greater distance per charge of the vehicle under the same weight;

Platform-based: Several platform-based battery packs are available, which are mature and reliable in technology and can greatly reduce the development cycle of the products

Three series platform battery packs with 21 models in total; optional according to the actual requirements of the vehicle;

Upgrading and updating: Modification of battery cells internally will not affect the external form of the pack

As the development of battery technologies are changing quickly, to enable future upgrading and updating of vehicle battery system, expansibility has been taken into account in current platform box design to guarantee that the outer dimensions, fixing positions, etc. are compatible with current platform. The shape of the box will not be affected in battery cell upgrading.