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CATL presents its industry-leading products at The Battery Show Europe



The Chinese battery manufacturer is also opening two facilities in Germany, as it looks to grow its footprint in the European market


Munich/Berlin, April 3, 2017 – Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL), a global leader in lithium-ion power battery research & development and production, with headquarters in China, will be exhibiting its industry-leading products for the first time at The Battery Show Europe. Taking place in Sindelfingen, Germany, from April 4 to April 6 2017, The Battery Show Europe is the world’s leading advanced battery trade show. CATL will be showcasing its energy storage systems and advanced battery technology solutions for electric vehicles at its booth on stand 331. In addition, Robert Galyen, CTO of CATL, is one of the key speakers at the show.

By opening facilities in Berlin and Munich, CATL’s investment in the German market marks it as one of the key locations for the company’s strategic growth in the European region. “We are proud to be putting down our first European footprint in Germany,” said Robert Galyen, CTO at CATL. “The German market has significant importance in the global automotive industry and we are confident that a presence here will help us to extend our industry-leading position.” In China, CATL already has an outstanding R&D team with multiple ‘Gigafactories’ to meet local industry demand. CATL’s primary objectives are to improve the safety and reduce the weight of its lithium-ion battery cells, and to further extend their mileage capabilities.

Advanced lithium-ion technology powered by CATL

CATL supplies lithium-ion battery cells, modules, packs, and systems to the global electric vehicle and energy storage markets. Its products stand out due to their high-energy density, long life cycle and high reliability. The fast-charging e-mobility technology that CATL supplies, for example, is able to charge electric buses, logistics vehicles, and forklifts to 80% power in just 15 minutes.

·       At The Battery Show Europe, visitors will be able to experience CATL’s advanced lithium-ion battery technologies for themselves, and see how they are ready to meet European market expectations.

·       CATL’s 48V pack for mild hybrid powertrains stands out for its high charging rate of up to 40C. Moreover, it features an active air-cooling system, which is designed for all conditions. With 15 years of service life, it also has long durability.

·       In the PHEV application, CATL has up to 10C high power battery along with high capacity. In comparison to its competitors, it has a groundbreaking high-energy density and an outstanding product life of up to 3,000 times.

·       CATL’s “EnerSpeedy” fast-charging products charge up to 300 km of endurance range in 15 minutes. CATL achieves this by adopting surface-modified active material particles, separators and electrodes with larger porosity, as well as binders with better electrolyte absorption. Additionally, its electrolyte have a higher conductivity and simultaneously a lower viscosity.

·       The “EnerMagic” large-capacity cell for commercial vehicles and its energy storage system combine a number of advantages: Including a superior safety record, high-energy density and a long product life, combined with great reliability. The battery system has a modular design, which makes it convenient to install and easy to maintain. Moreover, it can be monitored and managed remotely and in real-time.

·       The advantages of CATL’s products are evident: It has a holistic safety concept from cell to pack level in conjunction with an outstanding life cycle with maximum reliability. Its lightweight technology has improved the energy density even more, while its modular design makes it easy to upgrade for future generation.



CATL at The Battery Show Europe

To round up its trade show presence, Robert Galyen, CTO of CATL, will be giving a speech about driving advanced production capabilities in lithium-ion battery manufacturing. During his speech, he will introduce CATL’s key products and outline the company’s lean production system. He will also use case studies to share best practices in advanced production layout design and production process technologies. The presentation will take place in the main hall on April 5 and start at 9.00 am. CATL’s booth is located at the stand 331.



About CATL
Headquartered in Fujian Province, Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) is an industrial pioneer technology company leading in the design, manufacture, marketing and recycling of rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells, modules, packs and systems. CATL has developed an in-depth cooperation with famous international and domestic automakers, providing global customers with power battery systems for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Energy Storage System.