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Leading Chinese battery manufacturer expanding in Europe


CATL starting activities in Germany with local R&D facility and first key partners in the automotive sector

·         Third largest power battery manufacturer worldwide

·         Research & Development as well as marketing and sales facilities built in Germany

·         European customers include BMW and PSA

·         Holds 22 percent share in Finnish car supplier Valmet Automotive

·         Ambitious expansion goals targeting the European automotive industry

Munich/Berlin, March 29, 2017 – Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL), a global leader in lithium-ion power battery research & development and production with headquarters in China, is expanding into the European market. By opening facilities in Berlin and Munich, CATL’s investment in the German market, which has significant importance in the global automotive industry, marks it as one of the key locations for the company’s strategic growth in the European region. In 2011, the company has already established its first important client relationship in the European market with BMW. The Munich carmaker has implemented CATL’s battery technology in its BMW X1 xDrive25Le model.

“With battery technology fast becoming crucial for e-mobility, we were looking for the best lithium-ion battery producer. When we found and entered into a close partnership with CATL in 2011, we were convinced that it had the highest potential to deliver world class high voltage batteries (HVB) for cars,” said Dr. Wieland, President & CEO, BMW Brilliance Automotive. “CATL is very competitive on a global level, and in 2016, it broke into the world's top three leading producers in this field. I would not be surprised to see it move up to No.1 in the near future, and am confident that we will continue to develop a stable and long term partnership.”

As well as investing in local research & development facilities, CATL is also opening marketing and after-sales offices in Germany, demonstrating its dedication to developing a closer connection with customers, drive to offer better tailor-made services and products, and commitment to Germany as a key strategic market in Europe.

CATL’s ambitions also extend beyond the German market. The French carmaker PSA recently chose CATL as one of its partners for the latest model as announced by Gilles Le Borgne, Executive Vice President of PSA at this year’s Geneva auto show – the future DS7 Crossback hybrid model is due to come out in 2019.

In addition to its operations in Germany, CATL has bought a 22 percent stake in the Finnish car supplier Valmet Automotive in order to develop a stronger position in the European electrical vehicle market. The partnership will primarily be focused on project management, engineering and battery pack assembly for electric and hybrid vehicles. It is also talking with a number of other European companies about new partnerships.

CATL will be attending the Battery Show Europe, which is taking place from April 4thto 6th in Sindelfingen, Germany. CATL’s industry-leading products – including the 48V pack for mild hybrid powertrain, PHEV battery system, Battery Management System, “EnerSpeedy” fast-charging products and “EnerMagic” large-capacity cell for commercial vehicles, and its Energy Storage System – will be on show during the exhibition, with the company demonstrating their superior performance in safety, reliability and durability.

“At CATL we believe battery technology is an absolutely key pillar for the future of mobility,” said Robert Galyen, CTO at CATL. “We are therefore hugely excited to bring our best-in-class automotive battery products and solutions to the European market.”

CATL has already reported some exceptional successes from its existing product portfolio. The company is currently listed as one of the top three in the global vehicle power battery industry with a 6.8 GWh annual shipment in 2016. By 2020, it is predicted to have a global lithium-ion production capacity of 50 GWh.


About CATL
Headquartered in the Fujian Province, Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) is an industrial pioneer technology company leading in the design, manufacture, marketing and recycling of rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells, packs and systems. CATL has developed an in-depth cooperation with famous international and domestic automakers, providing global customers with power battery systems for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Energy Storage System. CATL also undertook two national new energy vehicle industry technology innovation projects in 2012.